Life at Lynn Home

Welcome to the Lynn Home for Elderly Persons! We are so happy that you have chosen us to participate in your care. Please read through this at your leisure. It will serve as a simple guide to answer some frequently asked questions. The Administrator is always available to assist you and address any concerns. We want your stay with us to be pleasurable in every way possible.


We have a salon on the lower level that provides; haircuts, blow outs, perms and colors.


We are a strictly non-smoking facility. This would include vaping.


A small store, run primarily by our residents, called, “The Sea Chest”, is open throughout the week. You can purchase writing materials, postage, greeting cards and many other items.


There is a telephone available to the residents in the hallway on each floor. You are welcome to arrange for a landline or a cell phone for personal use. This is an additional cost to you.


The Home offers a full-service kitchen and a variety of nutritious, homecooked meals. All overseen by a Registered Dietician.

We would request that perishable food items not be kept in your room. There are kitchenettes on each floor in which you are welcome to store all perishable items. Sealed containers with candy and snacks are permitted.

A snack cart will visit your room three times daily, between meals, to offer you light refreshments.


We offer laundry services in house, for all of our residents. We will bring it directly to the laundry room for you. We will do our very best to have it cleaned and returned to you the next day.


A variety of religious services are available to all residents on a regular basis. The Activities Department will provide you with a monthly calendar in advance.


The Lynn Home has a truly exceptional nursing department that will administer all prescribed medications to you. The Nurse Manager will oversee your care in accordance with State and Federal guidelines as well as provide you with an individualized plan of care to meet your unique needs.

Nursing staff are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. If you are feeling any discomfort at all, please activate the call bell system and request assistance.


Housekeeping is provided here at the Home, 6 days a week. If you are unable to make your bed, provisions will be made.

The Home will provide you with toiletries, fresh linen, pads and briefs.

We take pride in our Home and strive to keep the environment clean and safe. If you notice that something is malfunctioning or needs repair, please notify us immediately. We provide full time Maintenance and will do our best to promptly rectify any issues that may arise.


The Home will do its very best to provide transportation to and from medical appointments such as; eye care, dental and so on. We do request assistance from family, as it can become difficult to accommodate residents to all appointments and consultations.


Mail is delivered and picked up daily. Incoming mail will be delivered to the resident's room daily and outgoing mail may be left on the table at the front door for pickup.


Several copies of the morning and afternoon newspapers are provided for the residents to share.


There are no set visiting hours of course, this is your Home! We would ask that your visitors conduct themselves appropriately and have consideration for other residents.

If you are requesting a leave of absence with family and friends that requires prefilling of medication, the nursing department will need to have a 72-hour advance notice.


All furnishings can be provided by the Lynn Home. However, the Administrator must approve any outside furniture brought in. No upholstered furniture or mattresses are allowed unless, purchased new and delivered directly to the Home.

Please request a staff member to hang curtains and pictures for you in your room. We prefer that you don’t use tape, thumbtacks and nails on your own.


For the safety of all staff and residents we request that you do not keep; smoking materials, unapproved medications, chemicals, alcohol or weapons of any kind in your room.